How to Discover Your Angel – In Your Own Acrylic Artwork

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Angels – What or Who Are They?

No matter what religion you practice, belief system you embrace, or guidance you seek, angels are usually considered spiritual beings. You do not have to think of an angel in any particular way in order to discover which angel speaks to you.  Angels are healing and can be interpreted in more than one fashion.  An angel can point in the way of a wonderful person. How many times have you heard a parent refer to their child as ‘such an angel’? Angels are symbolic of past reverence, present love, and future hope. We can all agree, that the first thought we have when we hear the word angel is that of a non-human being. What do angels look like? Angels can be three-dimensional when we paint or draw them however, I paint them as sheer spirits.More important than anything, most people consider angels as those spiritual beings offering comfort, peace, and hope. Angels help support our everyday lives through their energies, offering inspiration, and giving us a glimpse of communication through symbols. When you begin to paint your angels, they will begin to form right before your eyes. During the course of your intuitive painting, symbols will develop. We may not realize what the symbols mean immediately, but before long, your message is your own.

Angels – Where Are They?

Discovering your angel comes with an entire set of feelings, emotions, and intuitions. Many believe that angels come in dreams and this may be the case for you. How do you connect with your angel? Where are they really? Your angel is near you all the time. You just need to wonder about them. While you are painting, we are looking for swirls of paint that come to life as we can see and understand them. Feel free to look through my gallery to see where angels were found. When I paint for a particular person, I meditate and ask the surrounding forces to point me in the right direction. Give me the opportunity to make a connection that makes sense to this person. What is this paint trying to reveal? The art will help you understand where your angel is and what they would like you to know.

Do I Need to Believe in Angels?

No one needs to believe in angels to find one that is their special spirit. You do not have to believe in a supreme being. Your angel comes in a form that may not even present as a spirit with ‘traditional’ wings. I have swirled paint in which created an angel that was a little girl holding a basket. I painted one that appeared to be a teen with a bow in her hair, reaching through the clouds. These angels are messages for those still waiting for an answer. I just haven’t connected with these people yet.

How Do I Discover My Angel?

Through your artful journey, we will unlock your angel and bring forth the inner beauty and wisdom you have been searching for. Through our art, we will discover your spirit of peace, comfort, and hope. Whether you prefer I paint for you or you take the extra leap to discover your own angel, you will be pleasantly surprised on how art will connect with you. Please share my gallery in hopes that whoever is looking for their angel, they may see it in my gallery. These angels belong to someone.

Let’s Find Your Angel.

Email me at and I will discuss your preferences in discovering your angel. Whether it be from an angel reading that comes with your own unique painting, or a creation from the gallery, let’s find your angel. Every week we will discuss a piece from the gallery. Maybe the symbols and discussion will help find where that angel’s home belongs. Art has always been a special way to make a connection. You never know what realm you can cross until you try.


  1. The topic you talking about is so unique, I just wonder if everyone has their exclusive angel or only one angel to everyone?

    1. Thank you for your comment. In answering your question, I believe people can have one or many angels around them. I have known people to seek and find comfort from certain spirits that may be all-present or serve their purpose.

  2. Hi Diane,

    Thank you for your beautiful words. In my faith and church, Angels play a significant role, they are the messengers from the throne of God. We refer to them as the faithful Angels (Ngā Anahera).

    Blessings to you 🙂

  3. I will be honest. This is not something I’ve given a lot of thought about, but I found your comments very interesting and intriguing. And your gallery is amazing. I tend to believe that we all have angels watching over us, but your perception took me to other places. Nice job.

  4. Dearest Diane
    I find your work always so sweet and innocent in nature. Somehow you touch the child in each of us through your paintings. I always look forward to your next piece of loving gentleness. You have a way of making the viewer look for the secret little message. One really has to stop and look closely. I love that aspect of your work. Thank you for gracing the world with your beautiful gift of art. I only wish more people would look at the world the way you do.
    Visionary artist Darragh

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