Living Your Experience in Art

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If you are an established artist or just thinking about painting, your journey through art is your own.  I have a a friend that has told me that she is ‘not creative’ and really doesn’t believe anything she creates would be considered art. That is far beyond the truth.  Intuitive art comes from the heart and soul of what you put on the canvas.

Why Do I Encourage Painting?

The main reason to paint is to discover yourself. Self expression is an important part of who we are. Art through any medium brings us closer to our souls. It is a safe form of expression that can help relieve the stress of the day or bring forth opinions that matter to us. Painting is a form of seizing an experience. With art, you can capture the moment. Painting can open the senses and this, my friends, is the place that you can discover your angels.

How to Get Started.

In my next post I will discuss essential pieces that will help you get started in art. Through my experiences with different products, I tend to lean towards several brands. I will help you select those that are useful and economical. Once you begin your journey, you may want to experiment with different brands that are more appealing to you as an individual.


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